Stephen Walters, Central Saint Martins & Turnbull & Asser Collaboration

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Fabric woven at Stephen Walters

Back in September, Stephen Walters and Sons worked alongside The London College of arts – Central Saint Martins and Turnbull & Asser on a project to give 2nd year weave students the opportunity to experience designing and creating their own unique product.

During this project they were able to gain an insight into the weaving and fashion industries. The fabric was woven at Stephen Walters with the involvement of Managing Director Julius Walters. Read our post “Stephen Walters & Sons collaborate with Central Saint Martins Weave Students” for more information about our participation.

The fabric that was woven was then turned into beautifully tailored jackets by the renowned menswear brand Turnbull & Asser.

Turnbull & Asser shared their participation in the project on their post “The New Generation of Design“.

Stephen Walters student sponsorship

Haruna Yamato from Central Saint Martins

Stephen Walters Student Sponsorship

Henrietta Johns from Central Saint Martins

Fabric by Stephen Walters

Finished Turnbull & Asser Jacket

Woven at Stephen Walters

Finished Turnbull & Asser Jacket