Stephen Walters collaboration with WED and The Sarabande Foundation

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Earlier this year we had the pleasure of working with WED and the Sarabande foundation on an exciting collaboration.

Amy Trinh and Evan Phillips of WED started the bridal and Eveningwear brand in 2019. “Inspired by the spirit of surrealism and the imaginative drape of the early couture, WED subverts elements of the Ready – to wear practicality in order to transcend the wedding day; creating sustainability by challenging the notion that a Bridal dress is a one-day occasion piece.”

The Sarabande was established by the late designer Lee Alexander McQueen, providing support and opportunities for creatively fearless artists and designers of the future.

The foundation has supported WED over the past year and we were delighted when Trino Verkande of Sarabande recommended that the team visit the mill in search for dead stock fabric that could be repurposed for their upcoming collection.

Sustainability is really important to us here at Stephen Walters as well supporting the new generation of emerging designers. We were able to donate taffeta silk fabric from dead stock which were then made into striking occasion pieces.

© Marlen Keller

© Marlen Keller

The Sarabande foundation created an exclusive film highlighting the sustainable innovation of Amy and Evans. The film intimately follows their creative process, collaboration with the mill and how they are tackling the challenges most pressing to them and their practice.

To see how these stunning garments came to life view the film created by The Sarabande Foundation here:

Film courtesy of ‘Sarabande, 2020’