Venue Magazine Autumn/Winter 2018 edition featuring Sudbury’s Silk Industry

We were delighted to be mentioned in Venue Magazine’s recent article by Sue Elliot focusing on the thriving silk industry in Sudbury in Suffolk.

Amazingly, 95% of silk in the UK is produced in this modest market town by just four local companies, one of which is Stephen Walters. Boasting ten generations of weavers, the Walters family has been producing the world’s finest silk since 1720 and will celebrate its 300 year anniversary next year .

Renowned for our exceptional craftsmanship and quality, we work closely with top international designers to create exquisite fabrics and cutting-edge designs. What’s more, we are able to offer exclusive rights to the designs, so that every customer can develop their own unique signature and style – yet another reason why Stephen Walters is continuing to go from strength to strength, keeping Suffolk firmly on the fashion map!

Read the full article from Venue Magazine’s Autumn/Winter 2018 edition for more information.